A Level Success

A Level Results

Students and staff at Joseph Whitaker school were celebrating another very good year:

  • 72% of students achieved one or more Grade A* to B
  • 90% of the year group achieved a Grade C or higher
  • The overall pass rate was 100%

Some of our highest achieving students are named below:

Jade Bacon                                          A*A*A*A*

Joseph Castledine                               A*A*A

Christopher Green                              A A A B

Jasmyn Nagar                                   A AA

Jaden Nicholson                                  A A A

Megan Taylor                                       A*A A

Tizayi Zirereza                                     A A A A

Molly Dodsworth                                 Dist*Dist*Dist*

Sara Roberts                                        Dist*Dist*Dist*

  • Jade Bacon gained her grades in Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics and has secured a place at Durham University studying Mathematics
  • Joseph Castledine, studying Philosophy, will begin a degree at Durham University
  • Jaden Nicholson has gained a place at Nottingham University studying Mechanical Engineering
  • Chris Green will be studying Accounting and Finance at Warwick
  • Alex Howell (Biomedical Science) and Aimee Hill (Marketing and Management) will both be going to Newcastle University
  • Twins Emma (BBB) and George Bates (ACD) have secured places at Liverpool and Sheffield Hallam respectively to study Geography and Electrical Engineering
  • Megan Taylor had an anxious wait for a day or so before hearing that Cambridge University had accepted her to study Natural Sciences.

Overall, the results have secured places for the vast majority of students at the universities of their choice, whilst others have opted to pursue college courses, apprenticeships or employment.

‘I would like to congratulate our Year 13 students and wish them every success and happiness in their future endeavours. As you can see from the named students, there have been some remarkable results. However, I would also highlight students who have worked hard to achieve grades at all levels and who have secured University places or apprenticeships of their choice. Additionally, to the small number of students who have fallen short of their first choice courses I would reassure them that this is not the end of the world, even though it will be very disappointing currently. A measured approach to both success and disappointment is very important in life.’

David Bell, Headteacher

Michael Croft, Deputy Head with responsibility for the Sixth Form, reflected upon the students’ perseverance, ‘Year 13 have been relentless in their pursuit of excellence, adopting a focused approach to study and demonstrating an impressive work ethic throughout.’

Andrew Jacques, Head of Sixth Form, added, ‘We are immensely proud of our students, who have worked with real dedication and commitment to achieve such excellent results.’