DofE Presentation Awards

On 21 November we welcomed Olympian Phil Brown to our first Duke of Edinburgh Awards Presentation.  We celebrated the achievement of our fantastic students in completing this prestigious qualification.

The evening began with certificate presentation, students then recalled their adventures and trials on the expedition section.  We watched some great videos and listened to their experiences, with the recurring message from all that teamwork and organisation were two of the most important skills that students learnt from taking part in The Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

After this our guest speaker recalled his own personal achievements and how the Duke of Edinburgh Award will help our students stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs and university places.

Mr Phil Brown has been a Director for The Duke of Edinburgh Award for twenty five years and is now moving on to new challenges in order to help young people achieve great things.  This was his last appearance for Duke of Edinburgh and we are honoured he chose to spend it with The Joseph Whitaker School.

Congratulations to our students on their achievements.  We couldn’t do all of this without the dedication and commitment from staff, huge thanks to everyone that volunteers their time.  Thanks also to Mr Chris Phillips DofE Co-Ordinator for his excellent organisation and passion for this program.  Lastly thank you to all the parents and carers for supporting your child to achieve.