GCSE Success

Pupils celebrate their GCSE results at

The Joseph Whitaker School

The increased challenge of the new examinations in English, Mathematics and English Literature, with grades awarded between 9-1, has been met by the vast majority of students. It is clear that ‘the bar has been raised’ with these new examinations. The majority of subjects will be examined under this new framework in 2018.

There were some outstanding individual results, with many pupils gaining a raft of Grades 7-9 / A* and A grades, including:


Chloe Bacon 7 7 *A A A* A* A A*
Rebecca Bates 6 9 A A A B A B A*
Nathaniel Bickley 9 7 BB A B B A*
Henry Burton 9 8 A B B A A A* A A
Jack Catmur-Smith 7 6 8 ** B A B A*
Olivia Crane 6 6 6 *A B A A* A* A*
Madeline Crofts 7 6 7 A A A A A* A A
Rowan Dunn 6 A A A A A A* A
Kyran Ghala 6 8 A* A* A* A B A A
Laura Grahame 6 7 8 A* A* A A A* A* B A*
Joshua Hill 8 A* A A* B A* A A
Jake Hopewell 7 8 6 *A A A* A C B C
Charlotte Jerrison Hatton 6 6 A B B A A A A
Laura Krystkiewicz 8 AB A* A A A A
Rosie Layfield 7 8 8 A A A* A A A* A
Nahum Locke 7 9 9 A* A* A* A A* A A* A*
Grace Reddish 8 7 AB A A A B B B
Callum Robson 6 6 8 *A A A* A B A
Hannah Smith-Kenny 9 6 BC A B B A B
William Taylor 9 7 A A* A A C A A* A
Annabel Whitlam 8 7 7 A* A* A A A* A* A

We are delighted with our GCSE results and are incredibly proud of our pupils. Everyone has worked so hard and they have been rewarded with outstanding results. It is pleasing to note that the majority of our students will return to us in the sixth form this September. I would like to pass on my personal congratulations and best wishes for the future to everyone.

 The school has achieved very strong results at both GCSE and at A level again this year and we expect to be above national averages once the national data is published’

David Bell, Headteacher