Lip Synch Battle 2017

Students were treated to the rare sight of members of staff and their Head Boy ‘channelling’ their idols on Friday 10 March.

It was the Joseph Whitaker Lip Synch Battle of 2017 – and Mr Brookes, Mr Moore, Mrs Cole, Mr Bradshaw, Mr Brooks, Ms Mayes, Miss Riley, Mr Brooks, Mrs Whitaker and Head Boy Joe Kibble bravely took to the stage to perform.

It was a packed Main Hall for the event, which raised money for DEBRA, a charity which helps individuals and families affected by the skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). You can find out more about DEBRA by visiting their website: .

The competition was won by The Spice Girls – well done to Ms Mayes, Miss Riley, Mrs Whitaker, Mr Bradshaw and Mr Brooks for their stunning rendition of ‘Wannabe’! A big thank you also goes to Head of Rufford, Mr Moore, who organised and opened the competition.