Rewards and Sanctions

Rewards and Sanctions

We provide a positive, caring and purposeful  environment which encourages every pupil to develop to their full potential in all areas.

We want to fully recognise and reward our pupils’ achievement through, for example:

  • House points for outstanding classwork, outstanding homework, improvement, contribution and effort in class and acts of citizenship
  • Post cards being sent home
  • Letters being sent home
  • Certificates
  • Prizes

Where pupils do not meet the high expectations of the school, we have developed a consistent policy concerning sanctions. Instances are always treated individually but the following courses of action may be used as necessary:

  • Counselling by individual members of staff
  • Communication with parents and carers
  • Detention at break time, lunchtime or after school
  • Withdrawal of privileges
  • A placement on daily report and reporting to staff
  • Withdrawal from lessons
  • Support from outside agencies
  • Attendance at a Pupil Referral Unit
  • Exclusion from school for varying periods of time
  • Permanent exclusion

Apart from minor instances parents and carers are informed of courses of action being taken and are always welcomed into the school for positive discussion.

All students are expected to behave in a courteous, responsible manner at all times following our Code of Conduct. This includes before school, during lessons, on corridors, in assembly and at break and lunchtime.

It is always our wish that sanctions will bring about an improvement in the conduct and standard of achievement of a pupil and they are therefore always seen as a positive action.

To download a copy of our Behaviour policy, please click here: Behaviour Rewards and Sanctions Policy 2018