(Available from Student Services)

Ruler – 50p
Ballpoint Pen – 10p
Sharpener  – 10p
Eraser – 5p
Pencil – 5p
Scientific Calculators – £6.05
Maths Sets (protractor,  compass, ruler, pen, eraser, sharpener and pencil) – £1.40
Glue Stick – 25p
Essential Kit (3 pens, 2 pencils, ruler, eraser and sharpener
in an exam-friendly clear plastic case) – 80p

First Aid Kit (for Duke of Edinburgh expeditions) – £5.50

Uniform and PE Kit Merchandise

Please see uniform policy

Final Uniform policy 2018

To purchase uniform please use the link below:

Your School Uniform Link

(Please note that shin pads and gum shields are recommended for rugby)