(Available from Student Services)

Ruler – 50p
Ballpoint Pen – 10p
Sharpener  – 10p
Eraser – 5p
Pencil – 5p
Scientific Calculators – £6.05
Maths Sets (protractor,  compass, ruler, pen, eraser, sharpener and pencil) – £1.40
Glue Stick – 25p
Essential Kit (3 pens, 2 pencils, ruler, eraser and sharpener
in an exam-friendly clear plastic case) – 80p

First Aid Kit (for Duke of Edinburgh expeditions) – £5.50


Uniform and PE Kit Merchandise

(Available from the Finance Office)

(Please note that shin pads and gum shields are recommended for rugby)

Uniform and PE Kit currently available from the Finance Office:

  • Clip-on ties
  • Blazer badges
  • White polo shirts
  • Navy and white socks
  • Navy and white fleece
  • Navy shorts
  • Navy rugby shirt
  • Navy and white skirt (additional option for girls only)