House System


Our House system is a central feature of the school. There is very strong affiliation from pupils to their House, excellent levels of engagement in inter-House activities, a strong culture of pupils organising and taking part in activities to raise money for their House charities and strong competition to win the House Cup.

Pupils join one of four houses:

  • Clumber, led by Mrs Jennings
  • Newstead led by Miss Godwin and Mrs Holt
  • Rufford led by Mr Jacques
  • Sherwood led by Ms Roberts.

Key elements of the House system are as follows:

  • Each house is comprised of two tutor groups from Years 7 to Year 11
  • There is a very strong emphasis on House and inter-House competitions
  • Each House competes for the Inter-House cup, which is presented to the House with the greatest number of House points
  • House points are awarded for a wide variety of achievements. This could be for excellent effort or work during a lesson, helpfulness around the school, excellent homework, commitment and leadership in tutor groups or clubs and individual or team achievements
  • Each House nominates a House charity and they develop very strong links with these charities. Pupils raise funds and every House point earned is converted to a direct cash payment to the charity. Funds raised in 2012-2013 were as follows:



Charity 2012-2013

Money raised 2012-2013


When You Wish Upon a Star



Nottinghamshire Kidney Unit Appeal



Rainbows Hospice



Cancer Research UK


                                                                    Total:  £5158.69


  • There is a very strong emphasis on leadership through the Houses, with many opportunities for students to act as Junior Leaders
  • Each House elects House Captains and have a House Council that feeds into the School Council
  • All tutor groups have two co-tutors rather than one form tutor
  • Students wear House ties identified with their House colours
  • There are House assemblies each week, as well as year assemblies as appropriate
  • Each House has a House social area that can be used at break and lunchtimes for activities