Vision, Ethos and Values

Our vision for The Joseph Whitaker School is that we will Be Outstanding through:

  • Outstanding leadership and management
  • Outstanding teaching and learning
  • Outstanding personal development of students

By achieving the three bullet points above we will achieve fantastic outcomes for pupils and develop good citizens.

Our highest priority is to continually improve the quality of our teaching and learning, and we have developed an innovative and robust model for this. In addition, the development of pupil leadership is central to our work and whilst we are rightly proud of what has been achieved thus far, we want to develop our pupil leadership programmes even further.

To achieve our vision we develop an annual School Improvement Plan setting out priorities for the coming year.

We are committed to

  • creating an atmosphere of purpose and caring
  • engendering a lifelong love of learning
  • encouraging each pupil to strive for his or her best in intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral, social and cultural growth
  • helping each pupil to develop relationships with others which are founded on mutual respect and the pursuit of lasting happiness
  • encouraging and developing leadership and active citizenship within the school and wider community which fosters a sense of dignity, vocation and purpose for every individual
  • developing and maintaining excellence in teaching and learning

We value

  • each student as an individual recognising that effective learning starts with what the learner can do
  • imagination, curiosity, creativity, enthusiasm, risk taking, questioning
  • self-motivation, responsibility, perseverance, commitment and pride in all aspects of achievement
  • co-operative learning, independent and collaborative planning
  • the intellectual challenge and self-knowledge that helps students experience learning as an empowering activity
  • the central role of effective pastoral support in relation to academic, emotional, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  • parent, carer and community involvement
  • the ability and confidence to adapt to changing circumstance
  • the continuing learning of all staff
  • an understanding of the global dimension in learning and teaching

As staff we are at our best when

  • we provide a challenging and stimulating curriculum and learning environment designed to enable all students to reach the highest standards of personal achievement
  • we promote positive attitudes towards learning and maintain a positive attitude to change and the development of our own expertise
  • we work collaboratively with a shared philosophy and commonality of purpose and practice.

Students are at their best when

  • they take responsibility for their own learning and respond positively to the expected standards of behaviour
  • they exhibit a high level of personal organisation and independent learning
  • they work to the best of their ability, develop positive relationships with others and show care for the school environment
  • they co-operate fully in learning strategies, especially where collaboration with other students is a key element
  • they contribute to the school and the wider community
  • they challenge themselves to achieve more in all areas of life

Parents and carers play their part in the partnership of learning when they

  • ensure their children attend school regularly and punctually
  • provide support for the behaviour, rewards and sanctions and Code of Conduct policies within school and the teacher’s role
  • make early contact with school to discuss matters which affect a student’s happiness, progress and behaviour
  • offer encouragement and praise
  • participate in discussions about progress
  • allow their children to take increasing responsibility as they progress throughout the school.