Teaching positions

We are a popular and oversubscribed mixed comprehensive which became an Academy in November 2011 and was judged to ‘continue to be a good school’ in December 2015. The school is a fantastic place to work or study and our popularity is testament to the skill and dedication of our staff, and of course the hard work of our students who are our finest ambassadors.

We are a successful school that has committed itself to “Be Outstanding” and this is the cornerstone to our philosophy. Over the past five years, outcomes have improved significantly as a direct result of our focus on investing in improving teaching and learning. We believe that we will be outstanding through:

  1. Excellence in teaching and learning
  2. Promoting excellence in leadership
  3. High expectations and achievement
  4. Our care and respect for each other
  5. The part that we play in our community

Central to this is our investment in staff, particularly through the development of Teaching and Learning using our innovative Lesson Study model; involving all staff in shaping the future direction of the school, and recognising and rewarding the hard work that all of our staff put in to the school. We know that our strengths originate from our most valuable asset – people.

The Joseph Whitaker School

An Academy and Specialist Sports College

Be Outstanding.