KS3 Academic Mentors

Year 7

I’m Mrs Jones and I am the Academic Mentor for Year 7 and a Design & Technology, Food and Art teacher.


Over my years at The Joseph Whitaker School, I have enjoyed supporting students and I have seen them thrive and reach their full potential. My role as Academic Mentor includes a variety of responsibilities. These include supporting students with their subjects, as well as encouraging them to reflect on their attitude to learning. My role encourages students to become self-motivated, and to achieve their fullest potential in all subject areas.


I am available at tutor time to answer any questions or help with any issues. You can also contact me after school on the phone and by email: joness@josephwhitaker.org




Year 8

I’m Mx Whitaker. I am The Academic Mentor for Year 8 and a Science teacher here at the The Joseph Whitaker School. I have been at the school for 7 years now and have enjoyed helping students to reach their potential.


In my role as Academic Mentor I have a wide range of responsibilities. I arrange support for students who are struggling in lessons, I help students to reflect on their learning and their behaviours, and I run after school clubs to help keep students on top of their homework.

I’m available at tutor time to answer any questions or deal with any issues. I am also contactable after school via phone and email: WhitakerG@josephwhitaker.org



Year 9

Hi, I’m Miss Newcombe. I’m the Academic Mentor for Year 9 this year and I teach languages at The Joseph Whitaker School.


I am here to help with your achievement in school, so if you are concerned about any of your subjects, if you find yourself falling behind with homework, or if you feel that you need some help with your studies, then just let me know and we can look at the best ways to support you. I am also here to help you as you start to think about options choices for Year 10, so if you have any questions or worries about that, just get in touch.


I am available during tutor time in the mornings, or you can contact me on email: newcombek@josephwhitaker.org