Appeals Procedure Information

Dear Parents and Carers,


Appeals process for GCSE/A-level/BTEC results 2021


Now that the assessment period has ended I would like to take this opportunity to explain how the Appeals Process will work, in the unlikely event any of our students wish to challenge their Teacher Assessed Grades (TAGs) in August.


We have endeavoured to be fully transparent with both parents and students throughout the assessment period to ensure our students have had the best possible chance of success, with no surprises later in the process or on Results’ Day.


For any student who wishes to challenge/appeal against a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) the process is outlined below:


Stage 1:  Centre Review

Centre Review of their TAG submitted to the school not the Examination Board.  Please send completed appeal requests, using Appendix B, to the email address


Centre reviews may be based on the following:


  1. Administrative Error – e.g. the wrong grade/mark was recorded against an item of evidence
  2. Procedural Error by the School – e.g. a reasonable adjustment / access arrangement was not provided for an eligible student
    • The school will complete a check to determine if an administrative or procedural error has taken place.
    • The student will be informed of the outcome using Part B of Appendix B


Stage 2:  Appealing to the awarding Examination Board. 


The school must forward the appeal to the Examination Board on behalf of the student.


Students must now complete Stage 2 of Appendix B and send the request via email to


  1. Should you disagree with the School’s decision regarding ‘Administrative or Procedural’ error at Stage 1 this can be appealed to the Examination Board
  2. Students can also appeal the School’s award of a TAG on the following grounds:
    • ‘Unreasonable exercise of academic judgement’ with respect to the determination of a grade.
    • ‘The selection of evidence’ on which the TAG has been based.


To help students and parents better understand the threshold for (i) ‘reasonable exercise of academic judgement’ and (ii) ‘selection of evidence’, and therefore help with determining whether to proceed with an appeal, I have attached the JCQ guidance – Appendix E.


Possible Outcomes to an Appeal


There are three possible outcomes to an appeal:


  • The original grade is lowered, so your final grade is lower than the original grade you received.
  • The original grade is confirmed, so there is no change to your grade
  • The original grade is raised, so your final grade will be higher than the original you received.


Key Deadline Dates for Appeals


  • Priority Appeals


These are only for A Level/Level 3 students applying to Higher Education who did not attain their first choice due to TAGs awarded.


16th August 2021 – Stage 1 Centre Review

23rd August 2021 – Stage 2 Appealing to the Examination Board


  • Non-Priority Appeals


3rd September 2021 – Stage 1 Centre Review.

17th September 2021 – Stage 2 Appealing to the Examination Board


All appeals will be processed in a timely manner and you will be informed of the outcome at the earliest opportunity.


Measures in Place in School to Ensure Accurate Administration


In order to offer further re-assurance and confidence that no administrative or procedural errors should have taken place, I can confirm that all of the following have been undertaken:


  • Centre Policy: This has been approved by JCQ and has been followed by all staff (policy attached).
  • Assessments: All parents/carers and students have been made aware of our approach to determining the Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG).  This includes informing students in advance the specific pieces of work, examinations and NEA (if applicable) that would contribute to the TAGs, alongside any favourable, eligible historical data from previous robust assessments.


All assessments have been internally quality assured to ensure they meet the Examination Boards’ assessment objectives and that students have been given the opportunity to be assessed on as wide an evidence base as possible given the disruption caused by COVID 19


  • Access Arrangements: All eligible students have received their access arrangements in full and have signed a form confirming that this was the case.
  • Grading:  The Joseph Whitaker School has followed all JCQ guidance with respect to the application of Grade Descriptors.
  • Reasonable Adjustments: Such adjustments have been made for all students who were adversely affected by COVID 19 self-isolation or serious medical issues.  This typically involved students sitting missed assessments at a later date or in the catch-up window after the May half-term.
  • Special Consideration:  All eligible students have had this applied to their assessment scores.
  • Internal Quality Assurance: 
    • This has been carried out in line with the Centre Policy.


All students’ grades have been moderated, checked for accuracy and signed off by 2 teachers.


  • The inputting of grades into the Examination Boards’ databases has been checked by the Examination’s Officer and a second member of experienced staff.


Results’ Days


Tuesday 10th August 2021             A-levels, and other Level 3 qualifications

Thursday 12th August 2021           GCSE results, and other Level 2 qualifications


Kind regards


Carey Ayres