GCSE Religious Studies: Philosopy and Ethics

Examination Board  –  AQA

What Will I Learn?

Philosophy is the ancient study of knowledge and ideas. It literally means the ‘love of wisdom’. It involves questioning our ideas and assumptions about everything from the reality in which we live to whether or not God exists. Ethics is to do with moral questions – whether an action is right or wrong.

Paper 1:

· The study of religions: beliefs, teachings and practices

· Islam: What they believe, how and why

· Christianity: What they believe, how and why

Paper 2:

· Relationships and families: Marriage, Divorce, Gender, Family

· Religion and life: When does life begin? Abortion, Euthanasia, Fertility treatment

· Religion, peace and conflict: War, United Nations, peace

· Crime and Punishment: Corporal and Capital Punishment, Prisons

How Am I Assessed?

Two one hour and 45 minutes examinations. 

What Career Options Do I Have?

The course helps to develop a whole range of skills such as being able to argue and explain a range of different viewpoints. The course looks  at a range of complex moral  dilemmas and provides an insight  into how different people view the world Police, Medicine, Nursing, Law, Teaching, Sales, Business Management, Vet, Armed Forces, Public Services , Social worker and  the Media.