The Joseph Whitaker School benefits from very strong governance from a dedicated, skilled and experienced Board.


The role of school governors is to set the strategic direction for the school, to hold school leaders to account for improving performance and to make sure money is well spent. Our Governors are representatives of the local community, parents and elected school staff.   They bring a range of interests, knowledge and skills to the school and they all work in a voluntary capacity.

They have responsibility for overseeing the strategic framework of the school including setting policies, approving the curriculum and overseeing the school budget.


The Governing Body works as a team with shared responsibilities. Governors never make decisions on their own, nor do they act as individuals.


Governors meet on a regular basis and their work is conducted through full Governing Body meetings.

Who are our Governors?

Governing Body as of 2 September 2019

Chair of Governors: 
Mr Rupert Corder

The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the school:

c/o The Joseph Whitaker School
Warsop Lane
NG21 0AG


Tel: 01623 792327

Academy Trust Governors:

Mr J A Eden                                                                14 November 2020

Mr C Morgan                                                              2 November 2019

Cllr M Smith  (Vice-Chair)                                         20 March 2023

Mr D Wakelin (Vice-Chair)                                       20 September 2022

Mr W Bates                                                                 30 April 2020

Mrs H Barsby                                                              16 May 2022

Mr C J Arthur                                                              20 March 2023

Mrs K Johnson                                                            20 March 2023


Parent Governors:

Mrs R Hudd                                                                 27 March 2022


Staff Governors:

Mr J Herbert                                                                28 March 2021

Mr A Weir                                                                     18 September 2023


Headteacher: Mr D Bell


Note: Dates indicate when a Governor’s current term of office will end.

Parent Governor Vacancy Information