Students struggling to view PowerPoints with voiceovers




This is a method for those students who are unable to view (and listen) to the PowerPoints with recorded voiceovers.

On their Chrome browser open a new tab and go to 


Sign in with their school Microsoft Office 365 account which is their  NOT


Once signed in they go to the PowerPoint app on the left (1) and then click upload and open (2) on the right:

They can then BROWSE to where they saved the PowerPoint from the Google Classroom. If they are on a school supplied device (Chromebook) they can actually browse to the PowerPoint directly via Google Drive as it will be in their “Shared with me” section.



Students unable to watch videos on school provided Chromebook

If you are struggling to watch videos on the laptops we provided during lockdown one, please follow the instructions below.  

Open Settings by clicking the right hand menu and then clicking the cog wheel

Then click Media Plugins on the left hand side and then on the Right install Propriety Media Components


Please click on the links below