How You Can Help

The JWPTA are always looking for volunteers, here’s all the ways you can help:

  • Attending our AGM and Committee meetings
  • Volunteering to be a Committee member
  • Sign up to Easyfundraising
  • Sign up to School Lottery
  • Helping to organise a specific event
  • Sharing your ideas for fundraising events or other initiatives which you would like us to run
  • Offering to help at our events
  • Responding to our requests for cakes, raffle prizes, second hand items for sale
  • Offering us your skills, whether cake baking, face-painting, publishing, advertising, printing, photography, first aid or anything else you think we could use.


This year, the JWPTA are involved in the following events:

  • Applying for School Lottery Grant
  • Consultation for new PE Kit and School Behaviour Policy
  • Fashion Show
  • Bubbles and Bingo
  • Quiz Night
  • Christmas tree decoration with the School Council
  • And much more!


We’d love your feedback if you have any ideas about events or would like to help please contact us

Your School Lottery

Two of our great initiatives Easyfundraising and The School Lottery.  So easy to join and help to raise funds for the school.

  • The Joseph Whitaker School has launched a lottery!
  • All of our profit goes to OUR school!
  • A GUARANTEED prize to someone on our supporter list every week!
  • Start supporting NOW for only £1 a week!
  • A further chance of winning £25,000 in a separate draw
  • Use the following link

Easy Fund Raising

It’s easy and there are over 3,000 participating retailers.


Go to

(or follow the link )


Complete the registration form by:

1) In the ‘Join now’ box – search for a cause

2) Type JWPTA and press search

3) JWTPA (Blidworth) will appear. Highlight this and left click to open JWPTA page

4) Select ‘JOIN US’ which will take you to a page to create an account

5) Complete form and select ‘create account’

6) Complete the personal details section and ‘continue’

7) Complete the policies and contracts page or tick the box to say ‘I don’t need this’ then ‘continue’

8) Follow instructions on the Donation Reminder page or select ‘I don’t want the Donation Reminder’ then ‘continue’

9)Registration is complete.


The next time you shop online, START at or via your Donation Reminder and log in (you will not need to complete the registration form each time).

If you shop with your phone or tablet you can download the easyfundraising app.


Simply choose the online store you want to shop at, whether its eBay, Amazon, John Lewis or any of the other top 3,000 participating retailers. Then just shop as normal – the prices are exactly the same!


Make a purchase.


The retailer gives a donation back to your school!


On average, each retailer will donate 5% of the cost of your shopping – so those donations soon mount up if every parent in the school starts doing the same! Even more if we can ask family and friends and local businesses to do so too.