The School In Action event planned for 1st October 2020 will not go ahead due to Covid-19 restrictions. There will be a virtual Open Evening via our school website. This will be live from 5th - 9th October 2020.

Staff List: Catering & Site Team

Catering Team

Mrs S Simpson – Catering Manager

Mrs D Billam – Deputy Catering Manager
Mrs T Dawes – Caterer
Mrs S Dumble – Caterer
Mrs B Goggins – Caterer
Mrs S Hall – Caterer
Mrs C Nickless – Caterer

Mrs J Roe – Caterer

Mrs C Parkinson – Caterer
Mrs L Smedley – Caterer

Site Team

Mr K Burn – Site Manager

Mr A Weir – Deputy Site Manager

Mr J Stain – Head of Grounds

Mr P Phillips – Site Member (Grounds)

Mr M Sellars – Assistant Site Team Member

Mrs S Phillips – Senior Cleaner
Mrs J Bramwell – Cleaner
Miss R Smith – Cleaner
Mrs E Harrison – Cleaner
Mrs C Weir – Cleaner
Mrs S Soar – Cleaner
Ms L Gifford – Cleaner
Mrs C Thorpe – Cleaner
Mrs S Weir – Cleaner
Mrs A Welsh – Cleaner
Mrs T Weston – Cleaner
Ms A Eaton – Cleaner

Mr B Shooter
Mrs K Wilkinson – Cleaner