A Level Art

What Will I learn?

Fine Art provides a solid foundation for the pursuit of all creative disciplines. Within its scope, it teaches
the fundamental principles of art and design and enables students to have the confidence and skill to
pursuit a multitude of creative pathways. Recent students have gone on to study Illustration at
Edinburgh University and Fine Art at Norwich School of Art.
The A-Level Fine Art course is a two year linear course with an exam at the end of Year 13.
Students follow a dynamic course structure that focuses on skill development, whilst at the same time
encouraging the expression of individual creativity.
Students on the course will:

  • Improve their investigative, analytical, experimental, technical and expressive skills relating to the
    Fine Art Principles
  • Refine their aesthetic understanding and critical judgement.
  • Increase their independence of mind in developing, refining and communicating their own ideas,
    their own intentions and their own personal outcomes
  • Cultivate an interest in, enthusiasm for and enjoyment of art, craft and design
  • Increase their knowledge and understanding of art, craft, design and media and technologies in
    contemporary and past societies and cultures.

How Am I Assessed?

  • Oral feedback is delivered on a continual basis in lessons. Students are encouraged to help their
    peers make informed decisions concerning the development of their work.
  • Formal feedback is delivered on a three week basis and is assessed against the examination
    assessment criteria.

What Career Options Do I Have?

  • Students could decide to continue their artistic studies at university or move into a work based
    apprenticeship. Equally, they could decide to further develop their skills and broaden their
    knowledge of artistic disciplines by completing a foundation course in art and design.
  • A Fine Art A Level is the ideal qualification to enable further study in any creative degree. These
    can include Architecture, Illustration, Product Design, Set Design, Branding, Interior Design,
    Fashion, Teaching, Textiles and indeed Fine Art to name a few.
  • Fine art is defined as an academic subject and makes an excellent accompaniment to a university

Examination Board: OCR – Fine Art