A-Level Drama

What Will I learn?

Drama and Theatre is an exciting, enjoyable and challenging subject at 16+. This innovative and creative
course introduces students to a wide range of theatre, which includes classical and contemporary texts,
incorporating a variety of dramatic styles, theatre companies and practitioners. Students have the
opportunity to see a variety of live theatre productions; an integral and exciting part of the course.
The academic content is rigorous and challenging; at the same time the course encourages students to
develop presentational skills and confidence, enabling them to converse articulately on many different
levels. Students are able to develop their interest in and enjoyment of drama and theatre, through their
development as directors, performers, designers and educated spectators.

How Am I Assessed?

Component 1 Theatre Workshop 20% – Non-exam assessment: internally assessed, externally moderated

Component 2 Text in Action 40% – Non-exam assessment: externally assessed by a visiting examiner

Component 3 Text in Performance 40% – Written examination: 2 hours 30 minutes

What Career Options Do I Have?

This Advanced Level specification provides opportunities for progression to courses in higher education in
all related subjects, including English and Modern Foreign Languages, History and Politics, Psychology,
Music and Dance. It is supported by all higher education institutions as an entry qualification in other
subjects. Equally, it is a highly enabling subject for students wishing to pursue a career that involves
communication such as law, education and the arts and media industries. Business employers, for
instance, particularly like to see drama on a prospective employee’s CV, because it suggests a high level of
presentational and interpersonal skills which they consider to be vital in today’s competitive working

Examination Board: Eduqas