A-Level French

What Will I learn?

The A-level French course is an exciting two-year course which has been designed to give students a profound understanding of the mechanics of the French language, French society and the Francophone world.

The course builds on the prior knowledge you have gained at GCSE and allows you to develop the language and the skills necessary to communicate on a range of contemporary and global issues; as well as providing you with an insight into the cultural, social and political life of France and French speaking countries.

Throughout the course, you will get the chance to study a book and a film, and to conduct your own Individual Research Project on your chosen topic and present your findings during your final speaking exam. Over the course of your A-level in French we will aim to provide you with the opportunity to practise your improved spoken language skills as much as possible in order to increase levels of fluency

How Am I Assessed?

Listening Reading and Translation 2h30
This will cover the topics of the course: Aspects of society, artistic
culture, Multiculturalism and Political Life

Writing 2 hours
You will write two essays on the text and film you have studied

Speaking Exam 15 minutes
Topic discussion and Independent Research presentation and discussion

What Career Options Do I Have?

The study of a foreign language is a key skill in Britain today. It is a proven fact that languages open doors, whether in the business world or when visiting other countries as a tourist. Studying French to a higher level will give you a well-respected qualification, valued by universities. Choosing a language gives you a qualification that is highly regarded by universities across the country. Universities and prospective employers understand that a language qualification gives students a variety of transferable skills that are essential in many degrees and subsequently in the world of work. Previous A-Level students have gone on to study law, history, engineering, medicine and international business. For many students their A-Level in languages has given them the chance to start a new language from scratch as a subsidiary course or spend time abroad during their time at university.

Examination Board: AQA