A-Level Mathematics

What Will I learn?

Pure Mathematics can be thought of as an extension of GCSE level Mathematics, but some of the ideas behind Applied Mathematics will be new to students. The two applied parts of the course are called Statistics and Mechanics.

The students will study a variety of topics in the Pure part of the course. These include Proof, Differentiation, Integration, Sequences and Series and a deeper understanding of Trigonometry. Mechanics includes the study of Kinematics, Forces and Motion, Moments and Projectiles. Statistics includes the study of Probability, Statistical Distribution and Hypothesis testing.

The standard of Mathematics required is high, a Grade 7 at GCSE is required.

How Am I Assessed?

A2—Pure Mathematics
A2—Pure Mathematics and Mechanics
A2— Pure Mathematics and Statistics
The question paper consists of a number of questions of different lengths, type and mark allocation.
Candidates attempt all questions.
The total mark for each paper is 100. Each question paper has a duration of 2 hours.

What Career Options Do I Have?

Engineering, Computing, Finance, Business, Mathematical modelling and Statistics.
“Mathematics is the gate and key of the sciences” (Roger Bacon)

Examination Board: AQA