A-Level Spanish

What Will I learn?

Break down barriers—choose Spanish. Choosing an A Level in Spanish will appeal to those students who wish to broaden their existing knowledge of the language whilst helping them on their journey to both university study and the world of work. You will learn more about the mechanics of the language through grammar, vocabulary and translation. However, language learning is so much more than just words! You will gain a real insight in to Spain and Spanish people and the festivals and customs which make up Hispanic culture. Learning a language at this level really is the route to breaking down barriers and discovering new horizons.

Through A Level Spanish you will study a broad range of interesting and engaging issues in the world today such as immigration, cyberspace and political regimes. You will also study a novel and a film. Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to research an area of particular interest as part of an individual research project. Through these topics you will be developing any employer’s dream skills of
analysis, independent skills, prediction, evaluating and improving upon verbal and written communication.

Over the course of your A-level in Spanish we will aim to provide you with the opportunity to practise your improved spoken language skills as much as possible in order to increase levels of fluency.

How Am I Assessed?

Paper 1 – Listening Reading and Translation. This will cover the topics of the course: Aspects of society, Artistic culture, Multiculturalism and Political Life. This is a written exam for 2 hours 30 minutes.
Paper 2 – You will write two essays on the text and film you have studied. This is a written exam for 2 hours.
Paper 3 – Based on your independent research project. Topic discussion and Independent Research presentation and discussion. This is a speaking exam for 15 minutes.

What Career Options Do I Have?

The study of a foreign language is a key sought after skill in Britain today. It is a proven fact that languages open doors, whether in the business world or when visiting other countries as a tourist. Studying Spanish to this level will give you a well-respected qualification, valued by universities, along with an improving fluency in the language. Languages are a highly regarded qualification by universities across the country. Universities and prospective employers understand that a language qualification gives students a variety of transferable skills that are essential in many degrees and subsequently in the world of work. Previous A-Level students have gone on to study law, history, engineering, medicine and international business. For many students their A-Level in languages has opened the door to a University of their choice and has given them other incredible opportunities such as starting a new language from scratch as a subsidiary course or spending a year abroad as an integral part of their University course.

Examination Board: AQA