GCSE Computer Science

What Will I Learn?

Computer Science is a fascinating and technical subject in which we look at how computers work, how communication happens over computer networks and how that communication is secured, and the moral, ethical and legal issues surrounding computers. You will also get to investigate the CPU, and how everything which happens on a computer can be traced back to simple addition and subtraction.

Throughout the course you will study programming. You will get an opportunity to program using Python. Generally this will be in the format of learning new programming skills and then using them to write programs. There will be many opportunities for problem solving, which is one of the key traits needed to do well on this course. If you give up at the first hurdle, then you may want to reconsider if you really want to do this course. This course is for good problem solvers, who are disciplined and hard working.

Finally we look into the theory behind programming. It is not a case of just sitting down and writing a program, there is a lot of planning involved, as well as trial and error. If you have determination, a passion for computers and a love of maths and science, this is the course for you!

Please note that this course requires a predicted grade of a 5 or above in Maths. If your predicted grade is lower than a 5 you will need to talk to Mr Herbert.

How Am I Assessed?

You will be assessed through two exams: 50% – Computer Systems 50% – Computational Thinking, Algorithms and Programming

What Career Options Do I Have?

Applications Developer Web Designer Data Analyst Technical Author Game Developer IT Trainer IT Consultant Information Systems Manager Network Manager Penetration Tester