GCSE Double Science

What Will I Learn?

Science forms part of the Core Curriculum and all students work towards at least two Science qualifications.

Students will study equal amounts of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Science students investigate cutting edge ideas and innovations as well as the scientific  principles that underpin them.  For example, students study different organ systems of the  human body and plants, develop theories about how life evolved and consider the evidence for the theories. In Chemistry lessons the fundamental ideas that underpin Chemistry understanding are studied in detail and then these ideas are used to investigate how Chemistry influences the wider world. Students will learn in Physics about how forces interact and how, as humans we can utilise these or overcome them.

Students are required to successfully complete a series of practical tasks, an understanding of these   experiments and the “working scientifically” skills that are employed throughout the course are then assessed within each of the exams.

Double Science students study five hours of Science per week, delivered by a team of two teachers.

How Am I Assessed?

Students following this course will gain two GCSE passes consisting of the Combined Science “Trilogy” course offered by AQA.  The Biology, Chemistry and Physics elements of this course are delivered separately but are all examined at the end of Year 11.

What Career Options Do I Have?

This subject enables you to study transferable skills that are not necessarily available from other subjects.

Science as a subject is not solely about preparing you for a scientific career but practising a way of   thinking, analysing and evaluating.

Students working towards this Trilogy Science award are eligible for A-Level courses should they achieve the entry requirements.