GCSE Fine Art

What Will I Learn?

GCSE Art and Design is an inclusive course designed to suit a wide range of learning styles and abilities, maximising progress for all its artists.

It is a popular GCSE course and students enjoy learning a wide range of different techniques and skills.  The course values both creativity and academic thinking and encourages students to make work with a creative ethos whilst at the same time beginning to understand the historical or cultural contexts of the work that inspires them.

Year 10 – In Year 10  students study one theme ‘Portraits’ which is underpinned by the teaching of the formal elements . Work developed supports the course assessment requirements and includes an in-depth exploration of materials and a well considered and relevant contextual study. Students are shown a wide range of artistic processes and techniques including; drawing, mixed media and painting, they are encouraged to develop and refine the skills they require for the increased independence required in year 11 and beyond.  The students complete a year 10 exam at the end of the year .

Year 11-  Students continue to develop their coursework and work with more independence building on the strengths they have discovered in year 10.  The year 11 course whilst independent in scope is fully supported with clear deadlines, success criteria and targeted learning. Students will need to complete  research on selected artists, and analyse work using art terms and vocabulary. There is also a new emphasis from the exam board for more use of ICT within the work submitted. Students are shown how to present their work on design boards in a professional way in preparation for external moderation. Students are  given regular detailed feedback to ensure they continue to make excellent progress. The students complete a mock exam at the end of the Autumn Term before beginning their final exam project.

How Am I Assessed?

You are  assessed on each Objective worth and then we undertake internal moderation before external moderation in June

What Career Options Do I Have?

Career options- Illustrator, fashion designer, interior Designer, Prop Desi9gner, Branding, Tattoo artist, show design, jewellery maker, stage set design, architecture, professional stage make-up, costume design, animation, marketing , Art teaching, Art curator, Arts journalist.