KS3 Maths

Why is mathematics important?

Learning about mathematics is not only about mastering a subject but also about acquiring a set of skills and knowledge that are applicable across many disciplines and in many practical situations.

Mathematics will help you with problem solving and critical thinking. It will help you with the understanding of scientific concepts in biology, chemistry and physics.

Mathematics will also help you understand your finances, how to cook, how to build and how to manage your time effectively.

Being proficient in mathematics will help you to participate in an exciting future.

What does a good student look like

A good student will be able to:

  • Understand and apply mathematical concepts while working with numbers, algebra, geometry, probability and statistics.
  • Apply appropriate problem-solving strategies and understand the reasoning behind mathematical procedures.
  • Perform arithmetic calculations quickly and accurately.
  • Translate abstract concepts into practical applications.
  • Communicate their solutions clearly.
  • Able to tackle new concepts and show resilience.

What can I do at home to help me achieve in this subject?

  • Complete your Sparx Maths homework on a regular basis.
  • Seek help from your teacher if you need help to complete any of your questions for homework.
  • Revise thoroughly for any tests using the topic lists provided.
  • Complete XP Boost tasks on Sparx Maths as these consist of consolidation and revision questions.

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