Why is PSHCE important?

PSHCE covers many subjects and issues that will affect students throughout their school life and beyond. It provides them with information to make informed decisions and helps them become citizens prepared for life in modern Britain.

PSHCE education can improve the physical and psychosocial well-being of pupils. A virtuous cycle can be achieved, whereby pupils with better health and well-being can achieve better academically, which in turn leads to greater success.

What does a good student look like?

A good student in PSHCE is a one who is willing to actively participate in lessons through discussions and work completed in their exercise book. A student who contributes to class discussions, gives their opinions and critically analyses information sources and a variety of media will be successful in the subject. A good student is one who shares their viewpoint and also listens and respects other viewpoints. They also take pride in their learning and work produced.

What can I do at home to help me achieve in this subject?

  • Talk about current affairs and events
  • Keep up to date with the news
  • Listen to age appropriate podcasts on topics that we cover in PSHCE
  • Watch age appropriate documentaries on topics that interest you
  • Talk to people at home about the topics we are covering in PSHCE