The Joseph Whitaker School believes that a uniform supports the development of a whole school ethos and is therefore supportive of good discipline and motivation.

We want our students to be proud of their uniform and appearance and to recognise that by putting it on, they are part of a community that aspires to be outstanding in every way.

All uniform items can be purchased from Your School Uniform.  The company will deliver your order to school free of charge or deliver to your home address, with a small postage and packing charge. Any returns are free of charge using the label enclosed with your delivery.

With this in mind, we need to be very clear in our expectations of our uniform so that there is no ambiguity or misinterpretation of our expectations.

The following items must be ordered from Your School Uniform when your current uniform needs replacing:

  • School blazer with school badge
  • School tie
  • JWS Rugby shirt or half zip training top

All other items of school uniform and PE kit can be bought from any supplier as long as they are the same style and colour stated in the Uniform Policy. If parents wish to purchase all or some of the uniform from the official  supplier you do so with the knowledge that these will conform to the school expectations.

For full details please use see our uniform policy.

These are our expectations as a school. By sending your child to The Joseph Whitaker School you are agreeing to these expectations. Breaches in the uniform policy will be dealt with appropriately, but you should be aware that we reserve the right to remove students from their lessons, contact home and send a student home to get changed should there be defiance against the uniform policy.

Dress Code

  • Jewellery – students may wear up to one pair of plain, small, stud earrings (one stud in each ear) and a watch. For health and safety reasons no other facial or body piercings are allowed; this includes piercings inside the mouth.Stretchers are not allowed.
  • Hair styles should be smart – no ‘extreme’ styles or colours allowed (e.g. lines/ shapes cut into hair).
  • Make-up, if worn at all, should be minimal and appropriate to the school environment.  False eyelashes are not permitted.
  • Nail varnish and nail extensions must not be worn.


In recognition of our students’ maturity, growing independence and eventual transition into employment, the Sixth Form Dress Code is based upon standards expected in a professional workplace. The school believes that such a dress code strikes a balance between a degree of individuality and recognising the importance of setting an example to the younger members of the school community, parents and visitors to the school.

The Sixth Form Dress Code ensures that:

  • Students are immediately identifiable as members of our Sixth Form and as more mature, responsible young adults.
  • Sixth Form students will take pride in their appearance and be good visual ambassadors for the school.
  • Students will be recognised as role models within the school.

Dress Code:

Students should be aware the overall guidelines require them to look tailored and professional. Dress should be conservative and suitable for smart business daywear:

  • Suit-style, smart trousers.
    • Denim, leather trousers, jeans, chinos, cargo pants, tracksuit bottoms, leggings, shorts and culottes are not
  • Skirts should be knee to mid-calf in length. A-line or pencil skirts may be worn but the latter must not be made of Lycra or be too fitted in style.
  • Male students should wear a shirt with a collar.
  • Female students should wear a blouse, shirt or modest top.
    • Tops with shoestring straps, vests, T-shirts, football or other sports shirts are not acceptable.
    • Tops must not be transparent or revealing.
    • Midriffs must be covered.
  • Footwear should be smart and formal.
    • Flip-flops, stiletto heels, sports shoes, trainers and boots are not acceptable.
    • Shoes must be of a sensible height.
  • A smart jumper, cardigan or formal jacket may be worn.
    • Sweatshirts/ hoodies are not acceptable.
  • Tattoos/ body piercings should not be visible. Facial piercings are not allowed, including nose, tongue or other piercings in the mouth. Stretchers are not allowed.
  • Hair styles should be smart – no ‘extreme’ styles or colours allowed (e.g. lines/ shapes cut into hair).
  • Make-up, if worn at all, should be minimal and appropriate to the school environment.

In the event of a student being inappropriately dressed for their studies, they will be asked to return home and change into something more suitable.

We accept donations of pre-loved uniform. These are collected at Main Reception.