Vision & Ethos

Choosing the right secondary school for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will make with your child.  At The Joseph Whitaker School we believe that we have a culture and ethos which enables every child to thrive and develop into a confident young adult whilst achieving excellent qualifications in readiness for their future.


This truly is a wonderful school where we cater for all students’ needs and ambitions, whatever their starting point.  Examination outcomes are strong and we offer a broad and balanced curriculum throughout all key stages. In addition to the taught curriculum, we offer a multitude of additional opportunities and I hope that your child takes full advantage of the activities that we have to offer.


The welfare of our students is of the greatest importance to us and we pride ourselves on the high standard of pastoral care that we provide through the House and tutoring system.


We encourage our students to take personal responsibility; their levels of effort and commitment will be reflected in their final examination outcomes. We maintain an ordered and calm environment with high standards of uniform and behaviour.  All of our students are expected to be polite and courteous at all times.


Parental engagement is actively encouraged in order to create a culture of mutual support through which, along with regular, effective communication, we will continue to provide the very best education for each one of our students.  Everything that we do is intended to enable all students to fulfil their potential. In order to achieve our ambitions we expect that all parents and carers will provide unwavering support in ensuring that our high expectations and standards are upheld – we are unapologetic in our drive for excellence.


I hope that you find this prospectus useful and informative, giving you a flavour of The Joseph Whitaker School.  We very much look forward to meeting you.



Warmest regards,

Carey Ayres