Who to Contact for Help and Advice

There are lots of people at school who will be able to help you with your option choices.

Your first point of contact will be your group tutor who knows your strengths and weaknesses  very well from your time in registration:

9C1 – Mr N Turner turnern@josephwhitaker.org

9C2 – Mr S Denby denbys@josephwhitaker.org

9N1 – Mr G Morris / Mrs K Teasel morrisg@josephwhitaker.org / teaselk@josephwhitaker.org

9N2 – Miss L Elson elsonl@josephwhitaker.org

9R1 – Mrs K Turnbull turnbullk@josephwhitaker.org

9R2 – Mrs A Bennett bennetta@josephwhitaker.org

9S1 – Mrs C Cook / Ms G Lee cookc@josephwhitaker.org / leeg@josephwhitaker.org

9S2 – Miss F Redihough redihoughf@josephwhitaker.org

You may wish to contact the Year 9 Academic Mentor:

Miss K Newcombe newcombek@josephwhitaker.org

For more specific subject information you could contact the subject leader:

Compulsory Core GCSE subjects

Optional GCSE Subjects

Vocational Courses